Web based virtual tour

HTML 360° Virtual Tour is a lightweight and rich-feature panorama viewer for the web. This plugin is built with modern libraries  to be used for part of backend solutions. Additionally, it has an awesome feature called virtual tourwhich allowed the user to navigate from one scene to another. Also, it supports hotspots for providing information about any part of the scene or for creating interactive tours. It uses their own tooltip system, we can enrich it with textimagesvideo and other online media. We use this plugin to create interactive tours, maps and presentations. The plugin can be deployed easily. It runs on all modern browsers and mobile devices like iOS, Android and Windows.

Offline feature: This allows you create a web application that actually can run without a Internet Connection, Isn’t that amazing? This is really important especially on mobile where we can create a HTML5 experience and still be able to use and reach that experience when you don’t have a Internet network. It also allows you to save to local databases as well as caching data offline.

Live-Guided Tours allow you to have a video call inside of a virtual tour

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360 - 3d Product

360 Virtual Tour With 3d Animation

360 with drone

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